A church for the unchurched, serving all in acts of love.

1. God

We believe God is revealed as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is our heavenly father who wants all to have a relationship with him. God is all loving, righteous and holy. We believe God’s love is for everyone.

2. Jesus

We believe that Jesus Christ as God’s son is fully God and fully man. He came to earth and taught us through his life, death and resurrection the true nature and love of God. Through his spirit (the Holy Spirit) we are enabled to see and act in love to those around us.

3. Resurrection

We believe that because Jesus’ radical teaching of love was contrary to the religious leaders of that day Jesus was killed (by crucifixion) and buried to silence his voice. On the third day Jesus was resurrected from the grave and the world began to realize the amazing power of God’s love. Through his life, death and resurrection Jesus displayed the message that with God’s love for us, nothing (even death) can stand against us.

4. Love

We believe God loves everyone and we are called to do the same as shown in the teachings of Jesus.
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