A church for the unchurched, serving all in acts of love.

1. We are a hospital not a courtroom.

Too often, people who are hurting and broken have been judged at church and they may feel unworthy of God’s love. We are a place where God’s love and grace are proclaimed, regardless of what we have done.

2. We are contributors not consumers.

We are challenged to be a part of a team at Suncoast. We believe it is our calling and duty to join together and serve others as Christ did in his time on earth. This means we will not simply sit and absorb, but rather constantly be pouring out into the lives of people in and outside of the church.

3. We are Ruth’s Chris not Golden Corral.

Simplicity enables excellence. We place a disproportionate value on creating an environment and culture that boldly celebrates Jesus and attracts people far from God. Good is not good enough.

4. We are orange.

Rather than trying to appease the typical church attendee, we are united under one vision to reach the unchurched. Our goal is to continually create an environment where everyone feels welcome, encouraged and invited to become a Christ follower. You may prefer a different type of format and service, but when you are a part of SCC, your preference becomes orange and our mission and purpose become undoubtedly clear.

5. We dream big.

We are where we are today because of a clear vision God has put on our hearts. We believe direction not intention determines destination.

6. We have no sacred cows.

The culture drives the method. We are not a church based on traditions, but strive to comprehend the dynamic culture that we live within. We will not settle for the good, but rather strive to give our best.

7. We are dynamic not static.

We are proactive about changing our community and world for God. We understand that when God wants to move in this world he uses his people. When there is an opportunity to do God’s work, we are committed to making a difference for Christ in our community.

8. We are audacious about giving.

We do not pass the offering plate but still anticipate bold, heart driven and generous giving. We realize that all we have belongs to God and we respond with our first fruits not our leftovers.
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