Our Values

We are a Hospital not a Courtroom.

Love is the supreme ethic that places value on each individual. We care for each person without being judgmental of anyone’s lifestyle, decisions or circumstance.

We Take Responsibility.

Each person can be better today than they were yesterday, which is why we teach personal responsibility. By strengthening each person individually, we build a strong, benevolent community and everyone benefits.

We Bring Something to the Table.

We bring something of value to the community. Suncoast provides talents, services and resources to individuals and organizations.


To live as Jesus would in our story.


To be an innovative church community that continually learns, challenges, and grows.

About Beliefs

Suncoast Community Church is an all inclusive non-denominational Christian church that is made up of people with many different backgrounds, thoughts and opinions. We do not have a creed or statement of belief, but rather a community of believers that have unique perspectives and experiences. We encourage people to discuss what they believe in an open and honest manner, knowing that the relationships we have with each other are much more important than any creed or statement. Ultimately, Suncoast follows the teaching of Jesus and views God as he did: a loving father.

All this said, here are a few main things you will often hear or see at Suncoast on the weekend:

God is love.
Live like Jesus.
Biblical stories and scriptures.
Help others.
Always learn, challenge and grow.

In this video: a podcast segment featuring Dr. Larry Baucom and Ryan Baucom as they discuss belief, faith, community, and disagreement. They offer practical ways to define your beliefs, adopt “better” ones (or refine what you currently hold), how to grow your faith, and how to understand and fit into a community where not everyone agrees.

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