A group of people meet to discuss the basics of Christianity, God, and the church.
Starting Point is where a group of people meet to discuss the basics of Christianity, God, and the church. No questions are turned down, we’ll look for answers together. This six week session is great for anyone new to church or returning after some time away, but everyone is welcome.
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Something Happened – The starting point of the Christian faith isn’t about what the Bible says but more about seeking an answer to the question “who is Jesus?”


Coming To Terms – We need to own our sin condition but understand that God’s purpose in this isn’t to condemn us but rather to restore us.


Sea of Glass – When you make a mess so big sometimes you don’t even know where to start to clean it up. God has initiated a “cleanup” for us; all we need to do is trust him.


The Role of Rules – Rules are put in place because you are part of the family not as a requirement to be in the family. 3 models of rules are the family model, club model, and neighborhood association model.


Amazing – God isn’t interested in a bargaining deal with you. He offers his unconditional love and forgiveness as a gift. That gift is grace.


Don’t Stop – The problem with faith is if someone says something passionately and convincingly enough they can make you believe almost anything. The Christian faith is based upon an event not a movement and that event is the resurrection of Jesus.
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