Footloose | Suncoast At The Movies | Week One

July 23, 2023

Suncoast At The Movies – Footloose | Week One | Dr. Troy Doucet | July 23, 2023

Dr. Troy Doucet talks about the church, the teachings from the Bible that have been translated by men through time, and relates this need for reinterpretation to a classic movie: Footloose.
The 27 books of The New Testament were not dictated by God, they were written by men, full of wisdom for men. Most people that are interested in defending the Bible do not actually read it themselves, they let someone else do that for them (pastors etc.) – that is a problem.
There was a time when certain teachings and interpretations of the Bible worked for the culture and the time, but times change, and sometimes the interpretation should change too. Footloose (the movie)  is a great example of the push to change people’s perspectives from something that was (at one time) appropriate, but no longer needs to be upheld.
The Bible did not originally  include hateful doctrines against certain groups (homosexuals, women in church leadership etc.). These teachings were translated and interpreted to fit the culture and bias of that day (1940’s), it was not the word of God – it was the thought of man laid upon the word of God.
When we try to make the Bible fit our own views, we can end up completely missing the wisdom it was meant to share. The transformational force of the Word is powerful and timeless – allow it to change you, do not set out to change it to fit your current situation in life.
It is time for the church to be identified by its passion to follow Jesus, rather than it’s impulse to fear the world. It is time for the church to stop trying to save the world, and instead serve the world.

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