The Greatest Showman | Suncoast At The Movies | Week Four

August 13, 2023

Suncoast At The Movies – The Greatest Showman | Week Four | Dr. Troy Doucet | August 13, 2023


Dr. Troy Doucet leads the fourth week of Suncoast At The Movies, with a spectacular film The Greatest Showman.

Where does your value and worth come from? External things? Or the loving spirit of God within you?

Colossians 3:5-11 (Christ is all and is in all)

1. Your worth is not something you accomplish or achieve through your own ability, your worth is already woven into the fabric of your being.

How does the selfishness of following your ego affect the world and our culture in America? Is it creating healthy, moral people? When we celebrate self autonomy, accomplishments, and gain, we lose out on the appreciation of the greatness that is hidden within.

Is your true value covered up by the desires of your ego?

What is your life calling? What is the thing that will bring purpose and passion to your world? Where are you serving God in your life?

2. The Christ that dwells within us calls us to stop ‘being’ so small by trying to find our worth outside of ourselves.

Following God is not transactional (I give something to get something). God is all about transformation.

Humans have so much good and bad potential – we can create and destroy – that’s why we are unique and interesting. By following Christ, there is hope for a life that does not cause harm and destruction, but brings peace and love to those around us.

3. Oftentimes, the main thing that is “wrong” with us, is that we have come to believe that something is “wrong” with us.

Did you grow up believing that you’re broken, bad, and that you need fixing and saving? Life gives us wounds, but the wounds do not define you. Have you looked at yourself and said “you’re amazing” lately? Try it today – tell yourself how valuable you are and always have been, and remember who you belong to: the One who created everything and loves you like a child.


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