Top Gun: Maverick | Suncoast At The Movies | Week Five

August 20, 2023

Suncoast At The Movies – Top Gun: Maverick | Week Five | Dr. Troy Doucet | August 20, 2023


Dr. Troy Doucet leads the fifth week of Suncoast At The Movies, with the action packed film Top Gun: Maverick.

Know your enemy – are you equipped to face the evils of the world?

Throughout church history, Satan has often been seen as a singular evil adversary, but theologically, it is more of an adversarial or accusatory attitude that can stir up in anyone from time to time. Each of us has been a satan in our own life, many times it is our own thoughts that we must battle.

James 1:22-24 (hear the word, and act on it)

James 2:14-19 (belief without action is dead)

1. Faith means that I am “believing it” – faithfulness means that I will “be living it”.

We can believe all the right things, but unless we do the right things, it is worthless (it makes no difference until it makes a difference).

God is bigger than the Bible. God’s word is always what is true, but it can be found in things other than the Bible (a kind word from someone you know). Reading the Bible can keep us focused on the right things, but do not close off your mind to what God is communicating to you outside of those pages.

2. Knowing the “word” of God simply gives me information – knowing the God of the “word” leads to transformation.

Sometimes knowledge is the enemy of experience. Knowledge can inform you, but knowledge alone cannot transform you. Experience is what can solidify the knowledge into wisdom.

What is the difference between a fan and a follower?

3. God loves you exactly where you are – but way too much for you to stay there.

God wants nothing from us but everything for us. Are we in the right place in life? Are we where we are meant to be? Are you moving forward? Remember that comfort is the biggest hurdle to becoming more like Christ.

Who is the one person in your life that believes in you? Thank them today.


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